Extra! Extra! NovZomCon is a no-brainer! Starving zombies picket blog! Demand more brains and less overtime!

Each month thus far, NaBlo has suggested a theme which participants could use to inspire their writing if they wished, perhaps curing a few cases of writer's block. The last (and first and only) month that I attempted 30 posts in 30 days was July. The theme was routine, and I did write a few posts with that in mind, but I mostly just wrote whatever the heck I felt like writing about. Unfortunately, life interceded, as it tends to do, and I did not complete the month. For November's original-official-prizetastic NaBloPoMo though, the organizers have chosen to forgo a theme. So, since I'm just so darned good at creating extra work for myself, I've come up with my own theme...

...Zombies! It was a no-brainer really (...braaaaiiins...). Even though this here bloggy is mainly full of random personal stuff, it is entitled zombies wearing helmets (and here's an older post about that very subject). I do love those naughty little Mensa-munchers though, so I thought, why not devote an entire month to them? And how about I give this zombie-drenched blogging month a name while I'm at it? Welcome to Awesome November Zombie Content to the Max Month! You can call it NovZomCon for short.

Now, I know what you're thinking: How is it extra work if I already know what I'll be writing about each day? Well, I've already spent many happy hours googling zombies and zombie related goodies. I have sections and catagories and sub-sections and sub-catagories. I'm stockpiling links and making digital jot notes. I also have a wish list that's chock full of awesome zombie-themed home decor items. That's probably bad news for the bank account, but my apartment will be bitchin'. So, yeah, loooooots of Leahpower has already gone into this project, and I haven't run out of steam yet.

This is going to be fun!

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