7 things that annoy me about halloween

1. It only comes once a year. (I wanted to get the most cliche one out of the way early.)
2. How come asking someone to be your Valentine is sweet, but asking someone to be your Halloweenie is weird?
3. The Jack O' Lanterns I spend hours planning and carving always get moldy in a few days.
4. There aren't as many kids out trick-or-treating anymore. I know it makes me sound like a cranky old fuddy duddy, but back in my day all the kids went out! Or should I say, all the parents let the kids go out.
5. It happens in October, one day before November. October, especially one day before November, is cold in Newfoundland. Very cold. Halloween should happen in the summer.
6. Halloween is a gift giving occasion now. When the hell did that happen? As a matter of fact, all of the damned holidays are gift giving occasions now. Kids are getting spoiled and parents are going broke.
7. Rockets are icky.



  1. We have long given up handing out anything but chocolate treats. Everything else seems to get a glare.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I've always liked lollipops too, but what do I know; when I was trick-or-treating, people still gave out apples.


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