Shakira, Shakira!

So, the music channel PunchMuch is playing a Shakira video (She Wolf or something) for the third time in about 50 minutes. I tuned in to see what passes for popular music with the kids these days, and I'm sorely disappointed. In between the Shakira threesome they've played Britany Spears, Nickleback, Fefe Dobson, Pink (ok, hottie, I'll allow that one), Black Eyed Peas, Three Days Grace, and some random half-naked girls I've never heard of. Excellent. While I admit to having a pretty unconventional music collection myself, this is kind of sad. It's pretty much the same crap that's been playing on music channels for the past decade. The unwashed masses need to be bitchslapped. Also, what's up with the texting? That shit gets expensive. Who's brilliant scam was that?

Ok, Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. is playing. All is forgiven.


Dad's 60th birthday

Yesterday would have been my dad's 60th birthday. He was never really into celebrating birthdays or holidays, so we probably wouldn't have had much hullabaloo about it. Mom and I would have had some kind of small celebration though. Instead there was a big fat elephant in the room, as we never really acknowledged it beyond the mere mention of the fact. I guess we were both wrapped up in our own thoughts about Dad.


After a long absence...

I really have no idea where to start. With so many changes in my life and the long absence from my blog, I kind of feel like I'm beginning from scratch. This post is really just to get me up and running, so there's nothing particularly revealing about it. I doubt I'll be writing about things in chronological order either. Writing in spurts and bursts and dibs and dabs sounds more like me. Some things I'm not quite ready to write about either. The story will unfold as my brain unfolds.