ZomCon; It's like CanCon, only with more worms.

I realize that my zombie content (ZomCon) is pretty low for a blog with the word zombie right there in the title. While this is a personal blog, I love anything zombie. Yeah, I know, so does everybody else. Zombies are uber trendy right now. I've always been fascinated with the naughty little munchers though. They shambled their way into my heart years ago, and left just a half-chewed bit of aorta behind.

What's my favorite zombie movie you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked that question. I'll have to go with George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. That's the one where my fascination with the undead began. I picked up a VHS copy in high school and watched it a gazillion times. There are a bunch of awesome zombie movies (zomvies) though. One of my other favorites, another one I watch over and over, is Dead-Alive. I saw that for the first time in the wee hours of the morning a few years back. It came on after Rosemary's Baby (also a great movie), the opening scene with the Sumatran Rat-Monkey caught my attention, and I was hooked. I don't know if I love the dialogue or the gore most. It's all just so awesome. And what about Shaun of the Dead? It's a damned good zomvie, that's what! Also on the short list of favorites are Fido, 28 Days Later, and Zombie Strippers. That's only off the top of my head though. There is just so much undead awesome goodness out there. There's loads of not-so-awesome zombie stuff too, but that usually just makes it even more awesome.

So yeah, I like zombies. I like to write about zombies. You can read about zombies on here sometimes. Everybody's happy.

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