Why do people keep personal blogs? What's the point of keeping an online journal, open for the whole world to see? Why write about the most personal things in the most public of places? Most blogs are lost in cyberspace, perhaps only being glanced at by strangers once in awhile, but anybody can still access it. Would they care though? Why blog if no one but yourself will ever read it?

For myself, I think having it public is an incentive to write things other than whining self-pitying rants. As I've mentioned before, I've always wanted to write but could never stick with a journal. Blogging is different though. I like being able to use Google while blogging and link to sites relevant to the things I'm writing about (like this). I like posting pictures. I like writing posts that I know someone I know will read and enjoy. When my friends comment on the things I write, it shows me that other people are interested in at least some of the things I have to say. I want to be able to read back through this years from now and revisit my experiences. I want a record of my life, the way I feel, the things I think.

I don't expect strangers to follow this blog. I don't even expect my friends to follow it. Most of it wouldn't make sense to anyone who doesn't know me in real life, and some of it won't make sense to anyone who isn't a really close friend. Most of it wouldn't even interest anyone but myself, so it's a good thing I'm the intended audience.


  1. Anonymous8.7.09

    wandered by here thanks to nablopomo... not a member of it myself, but wordpress led me there and well... link led to link & all that jazz. i couldn't help but notice all this hullabaloo about zombies & i've got to say... great job. though i must throw a recommendation your way: død snø. it's a norwegian film about zombie nazis (who happen to wear helmets). as for why people blog and whether anyone sees, i personally have a multitude of reasons: somewhere to post my research, keep tabs on myself, share photos and poetry, for funsies. i keep normal journals as well, but they lend an entirely different form of writing. papers is far more personal, the blog is... oddly for others to see. and to read. and hopefully comment. though you are right, the main reason i keep it is yet another form of expression mainly for myself. it's always nice to have the random input, though. maybe mine has been a bit long winded... but i thought i'd throw some feedback. keep the blogosphere alive and kickin', you know. cheers.

  2. Oh my goodness, Dead Snow! Haven't seen it yet, but I've heard of it, and never connected the zombies and helmets. Confession though. "zombies wearing helmets" was completely off the top of my head. As for blogging, I've become completely addicted. Thanks for the comment! :)


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