nice people are nice

Have you ever seen babies in strollers grab at random things as they pass them? In my store we sell fake flowers, and babies just love grabbing at fake flowers. One baby did just that today, and the glass vase went I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up on the floor. I heard the noise, and looked up to see a baby happily gnawing on an orchid with a very sheepish looking mommy holding his stroller. I just laughed and told them not to worry about it, that it was my fault for putting the vase on the floor (which it was.) Anyway, the dad started picking up the pieces while I told him not to be silly, he didn't need to help me clean it up and for god's sake don't cut his fingers. He helped me put the broken pieces into a box, and then when I went behind my counter to put it in the garbage, he followed me and took out his wallet. I told him (again) not to be silly, that I wasn't charging him for it. We had a mild yes-no argument about it, and he ended it by putting a ten dollar bill on the counter, told me to get lunch, and walked away smiling.

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