morning routine

I have many routines. The morning routine is the only one that I feel I need though. After I wake up first and squint at the time, I crawl out of bed, and stumble down the hall to the bathroom. Then it's coffee time. I get the coffee pot going, feed the kittehs, and make my way out to the living room. I have to check out the happenings on the internet. You know, get the latest news, see which webcomics and blogs were updated, and do the email/messenger thing. I usually start off with Cyanide & Happiness, have a chuckle or a snort before I catch up on the news and reality in general. Then it's off to start the day.

When I'm out home visiting the folks, my routine is slightly different. I may or may not have a coffee. I don't usually check out the happenings on the interwebs. The only reason I'm on here now is to update my blog for NaBloPoMo. I like to take a vacation from my routine sometimes, otherwise it all becomes very...routine.

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