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I'm back in town and my time home wasn't nearly long enough. I'm exhausted because I tossed and turned all last night, thanks to a pounding headache and a Worm who missed me terribly. He expresses this by purring very loudly and headbutting me randomly. Mad Cat showed how much he cares by sleeping very quietly on the foot of the bed. Ignoring me may have had something to do with him being irritated at me for abandoning him for 5 days though. (I had someone come in to feed them of course!) You can never tell with cats. It didn't even occur to me to shut them out of the bedroom. Now I have to go work until 10 tonight. Joy.

Oh yeah. I banged my head on the wall when the alarm went off this morning and now I have a big lump. Things can only improve from here. Right?

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