collars and coffee

I bought some collars for the kittehs because I'm putting ID tags on them during their flight. Worm is usually the more easygoing one, so last night I figured I'd try his on first. Um, not so easygoing afterall. He starting doing laps at full tilt through the apartment, from behind the couch to the bathtub to the kitchen and around again. After a few laps he slowed down a bit, then rolled around on the floor trying to get the collar off with his back paws. I took it off him then. I tried it again today, and he only did two laps around the apartment, and then hid in the dresser for a bit. After that, he was fine though. I dressed Mad Cat up in his collar today too, and he didn't even seem to notice, let alone care, which is awesome because he is usually pretty wound up. They both look very handsome in their new duds, I must say. Wormy's collar is aqua blue and Mad's is bright red. I thought those colors would look good with their furs.

Jess and I met up for coffee this evening. It was really nice, because I don't get to see her much lately. Our work schedules never seem to sync up. After our coffee we wandered up to my apartment to drop some stuff off, then continued to wander for a little bit. We just had a short walk, over to Victoria Street and back again. We chatted at my place for a bit before she went home. It was a short visit, but awesome all the same.

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