Alarm. 6 AM. Coffee. Taxi. Bus. Home!

Getting out home was relaxing but tiring at the same time. First I had to crawl out of bed after only a few hours sleep. Then I had to get ready, make sure I had everything, and say good-bye to the kittehs. Then there was the bus ride home. The whole trip is a blur actually. When I finally got here, I had to clean out the bedroom a little bit so I could unpack my things. Organizing makes me happy though, so I didn't mind. After spending a bit of time with the folks I was having a really hard time keeping my eyes open, so I had to go lie down. I passed out for about three hours. It was awesome. Time to nap has been in short supply lately. When I woke up mom had dinner ready, which may have been even more awesome than the nap. I've been puttering around ever since, cleaning and organizing. I'm so happy to have all this time to help out around here.

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