Alarm. 6 AM. Coffee. Taxi. Bus. Home!

Getting out home was relaxing but tiring at the same time. First I had to crawl out of bed after only a few hours sleep. Then I had to get ready, make sure I had everything, and say good-bye to the kittehs. Then there was the bus ride home. The whole trip is a blur actually. When I finally got here, I had to clean out the bedroom a little bit so I could unpack my things. Organizing makes me happy though, so I didn't mind. After spending a bit of time with the folks I was having a really hard time keeping my eyes open, so I had to go lie down. I passed out for about three hours. It was awesome. Time to nap has been in short supply lately. When I woke up mom had dinner ready, which may have been even more awesome than the nap. I've been puttering around ever since, cleaning and organizing. I'm so happy to have all this time to help out around here.


Moving sale!

An hour into the sale and I've made $8. Not sure if I'll make anymore today or not, as this street is pretty quiet. It is off a main road though. I've got prices on everything, but I'll pretty much take whatever people offer me. Or just give it away, whatever.

The goal of writing a post every single day of this month (NaBloPoMo) has resulted in shorter posts. I have been super busy though, as I've had to go through every single thing I own. The last two weeks have consisted of packing, organizing, purging, moving and pricing. This was on top of the regular routine of working, sleeping, cleaning, and just living in general. I am tired. I am so tired I don't even feel tired anymore.


Jobless in St. John's

I worked my last shift in the store today. It was pretty anticlimactic, and I even left early because my replacement was working as well, so A) I didn't need to be there and B) she was annoying me. Yup, it was definitely time for me to move on from that place. I have absolutely no regrets with regards to my resignation. For the most part I feel very proud of my work performance. I've found myself thinking over some of the decisions I made while there, and there are a couple of things I probably could have handled differently. I think the ways in which I did handle them were the result of how worn out, jaded and just plain apathetic I was feeling over the whole retail thing. Blech. Definitely time for a change.


This is what keeps me up at night.

This article (5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen) makes way too much sense. I don't really have too much to add to this, but I will say this; Crazy cat ladies!


Flight of the Conchords are the awsome.

So, New Zealand is bigger now, hey? More for me to explore! Maybe it's just trying to get to Australia so it can throw some shrimp on the barby!

The cut off age for obtaining a New Zealand working holiday visa is 35. I'm only 29 now. Just sayin'.


I am at a loss for a topic.

I sold my gigantic writing desk for $60 today (score!), so now I'm sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch. Why not sit on the couch? Well, all the crap that was on the desk is on the couch. Why not sit on the desk chair? Oh yeah, there's a desk chair.

Wormy is jumping around the room trying to catch a fly. Or maybe a shadow. Whatever it is, he's chattering at it. I think it's really cute that he chatters at flies and not the birds outside. Maybe it's because he hasn't been out since he was a kitten, and doesn't know that the birds are catchable. He probably doesn't even know what "outside" is.


funny pictures of cats with captions


I just got back from the dentist.

It was my last visit before my insurance runs out, but I still have one more cavity to be filled. The phone person at Blue Cross must have given me the wrong information when I called to see what exactly my dental coverage was, because the total cost today was covered, even though that put me over what I thought was the limit. Oh well. Maybe it was a mistake in my favor today though. If I still had coverage left, I could probably have gotten that last cavity filled, and maybe even gotten my crown done. This irritates me, but not as much as it would have if I wasn't getting more coverage soonish.

On a sidenote, the weather is beautiful today. I was actually dressed too warm for my walk home, and I was only wearing capris and a tank top. It's definitely bikini top and short shorts weather.


collars and coffee

I bought some collars for the kittehs because I'm putting ID tags on them during their flight. Worm is usually the more easygoing one, so last night I figured I'd try his on first. Um, not so easygoing afterall. He starting doing laps at full tilt through the apartment, from behind the couch to the bathtub to the kitchen and around again. After a few laps he slowed down a bit, then rolled around on the floor trying to get the collar off with his back paws. I took it off him then. I tried it again today, and he only did two laps around the apartment, and then hid in the dresser for a bit. After that, he was fine though. I dressed Mad Cat up in his collar today too, and he didn't even seem to notice, let alone care, which is awesome because he is usually pretty wound up. They both look very handsome in their new duds, I must say. Wormy's collar is aqua blue and Mad's is bright red. I thought those colors would look good with their furs.

Jess and I met up for coffee this evening. It was really nice, because I don't get to see her much lately. Our work schedules never seem to sync up. After our coffee we wandered up to my apartment to drop some stuff off, then continued to wander for a little bit. We just had a short walk, over to Victoria Street and back again. We chatted at my place for a bit before she went home. It was a short visit, but awesome all the same.



Well, all that's left for this project is to cast off. I finished knitting this a few weeks ago while I was at my parent's house, packed it in my suitcase, and promptly forgot about it. The only reason I've remembered it now is because I came across this picture on my laptop. Ta da. I have another ball of this yarn. Should I add it on to this thing and make uber-scarf-thing-a-ma-bob? I think I'd like to do something a little different, maybe make an even skinner scarf, using knits and purls. Crazy!


lobey wobeys

I had my earlobes pierced at 10g by Craig Cutler at Trouble Bound Studios in September of 2005. My intentions have always been to stretch my lobes, but I never had an end goal in terms of the size. I just wanted them BIG. At least one month between stretches is generally recommended in order to minimize any damage to your piercings (also cat butt) and just generally keep them happy and healthy. I think I waited about a year between my first couple of stretches though (10g-8g, and 8g-6g). I used a taper for those, and then I switched to using teflon tape. Last fall I was at 0g. They've shrunk a bit since, and now they're back down to 2g. In fact, I had a bit of trouble getting my 2g tunnel in lefty today. That's the result of leaving my funky water buffalo horn jewelry out for days at a time. It's just a little shrinkage though, which is probably good for the overall stretchage.


My Moleskine 2.0 Exhibition

Here's my entry. It's on the internet. Everyone can see it. Holy crap. And yes, I am aware of the gigantic mistake I have made on the pages that they have chosen to photograph for the website. Guh.

random xkcd comic

Here's an xkcd comic to brighten your day. The title amuses me greatly.


Trouble Bound Zombies!

How could I have forgotten to mention this!?!? Trouble Bound is filming a commercial very soon. Guess what it's gonna feature? Zombies! Guess why they're asking for volunteers? Zombies! Guess who volunteered? Zom...wait...me!

They're on Smackbook under Trouble Bound Studio.

I was at Value Village today, on the lookout for zombie costume inspiration. I remembered while I was there though, that I have an old corpse bride-ish Halloween costume tucked away somewhere. So then I looked for bride-ish shoes to go with that, but I couldn't find anything halfway comfortable. Chucks it is. If I was getting married I'd wear Chucks. Hell, I'd probably wear the corpse bride costume.


zombie furries

I believe this may be the world debut of zombie furries.


I love my family.

My day off today was awesome, as I got to spend lots of time with my family. Aunt Madonna, Uncle John and my cousin Rebecca were in town to do some shopping. I didn't have any desire to shop, so I kind of just followed Aunt Madonna and Rebecca around the mall and Wal-Mart. They gave me $30 as a belated birthday gift, as this was the first time I've seen them in months, but I didn't see anything I wanted to pick up. There are a few things I wouldn't mind having, like a new wallet, sandels or sunglasses, but there's nothing I really need.

As much as I hate the mall, I love spending time with my family. I haven't spoken with Rebecca much lately, and we used to talk all the time. I'm horrible for keeping in touch with people, and I feel especially bad when it's family. Today was good though. I've been conscious of my bad habit of disconnecting from people, so I'm making the effort to change it. For instance, I call my Aunt Madonna every couple weeks or so. Besides simply keeping in touch with her, I've been able to go to her for advice and empathy. That's something I never really did in the past, and this developed from the awesome counselling sessions I've had recently. I think that keeping in touch with each other on the phone meant that today we had more meaningful things to talk about. We didn't have to play catch up, because we knew what was going on in each other's lives.

Aunt Madonna turns 50 very soon, and she's having a Hawaiian themed party to celebrate. I can't wait, partly because we get to wear costumes. She wants everybody to wear the whole outfit, grass skirts and coconut bras. With everything going on in my life lately, I almost forgot that I had a costume party coming up. Making the grass skirt should be no problem, but I want a coconut bra and big flowers for my hair too. I'll probably be the only tattooed hula girl there. Maybe I'll put tassels on the bra, just to shake things up a bit. Grass tassels? Heh, say that three times fast.


another couple of linkys

Here's a quick post, just in case I don't get a chance write something up later tonight. I won't get home until 11, and sometimes my energy is long gone by that point. Remember our hike up to the Republic flag? Well, the flag is gone now, thanks to the douchbags who vandalized the place. Boo urns.


?namselas esrever...reverse salesman?

I had another odd encounter with a stranger today. It was absolutely beautiful and just damned hot out, so I decided to read my Australian porn outside on the sidewalk while waiting for my friend Scott to arrive (I don't have a yard, it's house-sidewalk-road.) An older gentleman carrying two Sobey's reusable bags strolled around the corner and immediately started talking upon spying me sitting there. He just started a spiel about how he was going door to door, begging paperback books (why paperback and not hardcover, I have no idea), so he could sell them for profit at used bookstores. There was some stuff in there about his mother getting sick, and him being stuck here (but she hung on for four years, God rest her soul) and on financial assistance. Apparently he has 175 books at home that the bookstores won't buy. He pulled two of these books out of one of his bags and proceeded to ask me, as a young person, why they wouldn't buy them, as they were lovely books in his opinion (young people are known for being experts in the subject of literary lovliness.) We proceeded to have a mostly one-way conversation (guess which way) about his renting a table at the Sunday night flea market held at the Avalon Mall. He wandered off when I managed to inject a comment about my not having any books to give him, as I send anything I'm finished reading out home to my dad. Pleasant sort. At least it was a creative way of begging, showed a bit of incentive beyond scribbling on an old piece of cardboard and sitting on the sidewalk like a lump.

I'm a Newfoundlander born and bred, and I'll headbang till I die


nice people are nice

Have you ever seen babies in strollers grab at random things as they pass them? In my store we sell fake flowers, and babies just love grabbing at fake flowers. One baby did just that today, and the glass vase went I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up on the floor. I heard the noise, and looked up to see a baby happily gnawing on an orchid with a very sheepish looking mommy holding his stroller. I just laughed and told them not to worry about it, that it was my fault for putting the vase on the floor (which it was.) Anyway, the dad started picking up the pieces while I told him not to be silly, he didn't need to help me clean it up and for god's sake don't cut his fingers. He helped me put the broken pieces into a box, and then when I went behind my counter to put it in the garbage, he followed me and took out his wallet. I told him (again) not to be silly, that I wasn't charging him for it. We had a mild yes-no argument about it, and he ended it by putting a ten dollar bill on the counter, told me to get lunch, and walked away smiling.



Why do people keep personal blogs? What's the point of keeping an online journal, open for the whole world to see? Why write about the most personal things in the most public of places? Most blogs are lost in cyberspace, perhaps only being glanced at by strangers once in awhile, but anybody can still access it. Would they care though? Why blog if no one but yourself will ever read it?

For myself, I think having it public is an incentive to write things other than whining self-pitying rants. As I've mentioned before, I've always wanted to write but could never stick with a journal. Blogging is different though. I like being able to use Google while blogging and link to sites relevant to the things I'm writing about (like this). I like posting pictures. I like writing posts that I know someone I know will read and enjoy. When my friends comment on the things I write, it shows me that other people are interested in at least some of the things I have to say. I want to be able to read back through this years from now and revisit my experiences. I want a record of my life, the way I feel, the things I think.

I don't expect strangers to follow this blog. I don't even expect my friends to follow it. Most of it wouldn't make sense to anyone who doesn't know me in real life, and some of it won't make sense to anyone who isn't a really close friend. Most of it wouldn't even interest anyone but myself, so it's a good thing I'm the intended audience.


chores are the suck

I have so much to do in the next few weeks and I am so tired. I haven't slept well the past couple nights, and my throat was pretty sore this morning when I first woke up. It doesn't feel much better now. Swine flu probably, or maybe the plague. It's always the worst possible thing ever in life with me. I have a gigantic list of things I need to get done in the next few weeks too. Tonight I wanted to focus on cleaning the apartment. Two cats, seven days, zero vacuuming = a thin layer of fur over every surface. The cleaning is going well. Sort of. Right now I'm writing in my blog.

The lump on my head hurts.


Just a quick post...

I'm back in town and my time home wasn't nearly long enough. I'm exhausted because I tossed and turned all last night, thanks to a pounding headache and a Worm who missed me terribly. He expresses this by purring very loudly and headbutting me randomly. Mad Cat showed how much he cares by sleeping very quietly on the foot of the bed. Ignoring me may have had something to do with him being irritated at me for abandoning him for 5 days though. (I had someone come in to feed them of course!) You can never tell with cats. It didn't even occur to me to shut them out of the bedroom. Now I have to go work until 10 tonight. Joy.

Oh yeah. I banged my head on the wall when the alarm went off this morning and now I have a big lump. Things can only improve from here. Right?


ZomCon; It's like CanCon, only with more worms.

I realize that my zombie content (ZomCon) is pretty low for a blog with the word zombie right there in the title. While this is a personal blog, I love anything zombie. Yeah, I know, so does everybody else. Zombies are uber trendy right now. I've always been fascinated with the naughty little munchers though. They shambled their way into my heart years ago, and left just a half-chewed bit of aorta behind.

What's my favorite zombie movie you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked that question. I'll have to go with George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. That's the one where my fascination with the undead began. I picked up a VHS copy in high school and watched it a gazillion times. There are a bunch of awesome zombie movies (zomvies) though. One of my other favorites, another one I watch over and over, is Dead-Alive. I saw that for the first time in the wee hours of the morning a few years back. It came on after Rosemary's Baby (also a great movie), the opening scene with the Sumatran Rat-Monkey caught my attention, and I was hooked. I don't know if I love the dialogue or the gore most. It's all just so awesome. And what about Shaun of the Dead? It's a damned good zomvie, that's what! Also on the short list of favorites are Fido, 28 Days Later, and Zombie Strippers. That's only off the top of my head though. There is just so much undead awesome goodness out there. There's loads of not-so-awesome zombie stuff too, but that usually just makes it even more awesome.

So yeah, I like zombies. I like to write about zombies. You can read about zombies on here sometimes. Everybody's happy.


I heart Google

So, I just googled "routine zombies" and found this fully awesome and definitely cute little short story on someone's blog.


I love it. It's simple and clever.

This is my fourth post for July's NaBloPoMo. Boo yah!

morning routine

I have many routines. The morning routine is the only one that I feel I need though. After I wake up first and squint at the time, I crawl out of bed, and stumble down the hall to the bathroom. Then it's coffee time. I get the coffee pot going, feed the kittehs, and make my way out to the living room. I have to check out the happenings on the internet. You know, get the latest news, see which webcomics and blogs were updated, and do the email/messenger thing. I usually start off with Cyanide & Happiness, have a chuckle or a snort before I catch up on the news and reality in general. Then it's off to start the day.

When I'm out home visiting the folks, my routine is slightly different. I may or may not have a coffee. I don't usually check out the happenings on the interwebs. The only reason I'm on here now is to update my blog for NaBloPoMo. I like to take a vacation from my routine sometimes, otherwise it all becomes very...routine.


Day 2: July, my visit home, and NaBloPoMo

July has been beautiful so far. The weather out where my parents live is usually much hotter and sunnier than in St. John's, so I'm making the most of it. I spent most of yesterday outside on the deck, just kind of relaxing and chatting with my mother. I did quite a bit of knitting too. This roll of yarn is almost finished, but I have another one to use as well. When this scarf-thing is complete, I will have finished my first knitting project. I have a lifelong habit of starting things without following them through to completion, so I'm really stoked be halfway through this. One small step, so on and so forth.

The mini-vacation has been fantastic so far. Besides chilaxing in the sunshine I've been to the graveyards to visit the grandparents, helped mom and dad around the house, been shopping with my mother, and renewed my driver's license. Tomorrow I'll start painting the trim in the porch and kitchen, as well as helping my mother to go through the things that have been packed away in storage.

The NaBloPoMo theme for July is routine. There must be a zillion things and ways to write about something that seems so simple on the surface. I don't want to spend too much time online now, but I will have to check out the other blogs on the blogroll soon. I'm pretty intrigued about reading other bloggers' thoughts on the theme. As for me, routine is something I've been trying to break lately. I'm trying new hobbies and exploring new places. Right now though, I'm going to go get ready for bed, as I'm having trouble concentrating on this post. More confused rambling will follow in Day 3.


get ready to lol

Ok, this was quicker than I thought, and I really should be cluing things up here, but this comic is just too funny!

Happy Canada Day!

Everyone get out your most patriotic plaid shirt, have a game of hockey and eat some Maple Leaf Bologna. It's our nation's birthday!

It's also the start of July, and I've signed up to be a part of NaBloPoMo this month. This is the reason I'm attempting to form coherent sentences at 6 in the morning. I'll be leaving around 7 to go out home for a few days, and I wanted to make sure my first post for the month was up early. I'll probably write more later today, as I do seem a bit chatty lately. There's only dial-up Internet access out there though, so it'll be a pain in the butt to post. Oh well.

I'm tired.