What's that bright thing in the sky? Where's the rain?

What did I do on my day off you ask? Let's see...
  • Enjoyed a wonderfully hot cup of coffee while I went through my usual morning routine of news updates, web comics, email and msn.
  • Started organizing some things that I've put off organizing for ages. Gathered other things together and started planning my yard sale. (Apartment sale? Sidewalk sale?)
  • Cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed.
  • Kept Jess company while she ran an errand.
  • Meandered around downtown St. John's, chatting with Jess and checking out all the pretty houses.
  • Had Turtle Cheesecake ice cream at Moo Moos' Ice Cream.
  • Found a sunny spot in Bannerman Park, led down on the warm grass, and gazed up through the tree branches into the sky. (Sounds nice, doesn't it?)
  • Made homemade hamburgers and Sweet Potato Potato Salad. (That's the actual name, not a typo, I swear.)
  • Called my Aunt Madonna and caught up on things with her and my cousin Rebecca.
Now it's time for bed.

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