surprise birthday golf and dinosaurs

Morgan took me out for belated birthday fun tonight. We went to Glow-In-One for birthday golfings and then to Fog City for birthday nachoings, birthday beerings and birthday ice creamings.

Golf was loads of fun. I mostly sucked, but I'm blaming this on playing only half seriously. I spent most of my time putting around the holes, but I did luck into one hole-in-one! This of course made me insanely excited. There may have been some victory jumping. No balloons or streamers showered down on me though. Very disappointing! The last hole of the course is a big plastic tornado. There's a small hole in the base that you're supposed to aim for (hee hee, that's what she said), and a couple loser holes off to the side. Guess which hole my ball went into? At least there were some flashing lights for this one. Morgan actually managed to shoot the ball into the tornado, but it got stuck. No flashing lights. Nothing. Very anticlimactic. When he told the girl at the desk what happened, she said "yeah, there's a problem with that, all the balls are getting stuck in the tube. Every couple of hours we have to clean it out, but I haven't had a chance today." Oh well.

Since Fog City was right next door, that's where we went for foodies. We split a gigantic plate of nachos, enjoyed some Rickard's White, and then Morgan scammed some free birthday ice cream. I had a choice of a shot or the ice cream. I totally went for the dessert. It was Cookie Dough, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Nom nom nom. Then I got my awesome present! It's a necklace with a little silver tab that has a cut-out of a dinosaur skull in it. I'm assuming it's a T-Rex, but I haven't actually counted the teeth or anything yet (hee hee). Definitely a cool present.

We had lots of goofy fun posing for silly pictures. I played polo on a dinosaur and played pattycake with a skeleton. The whole evening was a laugh. It was fun to just hang out with a good friend and forget about all the stressful crap. There's not many people I can just be myself around, but Morgan is one of them. Thanks again Morgan! :D

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  1. Awesome post :) You had a glow-in-one :P


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