sometimes i make things

I've had a Free NFLD t-shirt from Living Planet for a few years now, long enough for a few holes to appear in random spots. I decided to modify it into a halter top, like the I Club Baby Seals one that I butchered a few years ago. I tend to wear that one over a bikini top on those really hot and humid St. John's summer days. You know the ones, those 2 days in August?

Bookbinding! I think I'd like to do some wee notebooks using the packaging from gum as covers. I didn't have any kicking around, so I filed that notion away for future reference. Today I cobbled together a practice book using a pile of papers I diverted from ending up in Robin Hood Bay. It's ok for a sketch-notebook-thing. Most of the pages are completely covered in type though, and some even have pictures of insanely happy people posing for random advertisements. I'm thinking I could use the crazy-happy pages like a scrapbook, covering them up with another piece of paper or whatever. So I guess it's more of a sketch-scribble-scrapbook-thing.

My practice knitting was boring me, so I started an actual project. It does look suspiciously like my practice knitting thing, because it's basically just row after row of basic knitting, but it will eventually grow into a scarf. It's only 20 stitches wide so it'll be a skinny scarf, just the way I like 'em. I may end up giving it to someone once it's completed, but since it's my first knitted project I'll probably keep it. Notice the fantastic Star Trek bucket I'm using for the knitting paraphernalia? It came with the junk food deal the theatre had around the time the latest Star Trek movie opened. It was so cool, I just had to waste my money on it.

I made nummy cookies too. They're called Mom's Island Treasures and are fully awesome. I ate too many. These may just be the best cookies I've ever made.

I just dropped my camera and now it doesn't want to work. Crap. Guess that's it for pictures today.

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