short and sleepy

It's Saturday morning. It's raining. It's cold. Ugh.

I pipped off jogging this morning because of the rain. It started pouring right after I decided for sure, so I was lucky. I've been sneezing the last couple days, so I'm worried I might be coming down with a cold, which would be the suck. Besides not-jogging-in-the-rain, I've upped my vitamin C intake. Just in case the weather decides to start being summery, I want to be healthy. The weather forecast claims that it's not going to rain again tomorrow. We'll see. I don't trust that, because I'm off tomorrow, and it always seems to rain on my days off. I do have to spend some time inside finishing my Moleskine project though, so I can live with a little bit of rain. Just a little though. :)

I've gotten a few ideas for short stories lately. It's probably because I've been writing and planning posts semi-regularly for this blog. Ideas have taken root before in my head before, but now I'm starting to actually develop them into bigger ideas. Yay me.

So here's some random websites that I'm going to peruse later when I have more time.


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