Every Wednesday evening The Rooms has free admission. Last Wednesday Morgan and I went to check out the Republic show there. It was a really interesting and varied show, exploring our identity as a province of Canada. It's been 60 years since Confederation, by the way, so not that long ago.

Two of the most memorable pieces for me were the Danny Williams and Paul McCartney mosaic portraits by the artist Bill Rose. He used a tiny stamp of Paul to create Danny, and a tiny stamp of a dollar sign to create Paul. Also, he used seal skin as his canvas for Paul. I thought this was a really clever and satirical commentary on this bit of recent Newfoundland history. Their appearance on Larry King Live is quite amusing too.

Angela Antle created a flashing neon sign showcasing the recent publicity of our "have" or "have not" status.

Then of course we have the awesomeness that is Captain Newfoundland and Captain Canada. Their biographies and part of the first comic was showcased. I had forgotten how surreal, but hilarious (in a shake-your-head-and roll-your-eyes kind of way), it all was.

There is much more to Republic than these three exhibits. These are the just the ones that stand out in my memory now. The show runs until September 13, and I'll definitely be seeing it again.

I should probably put a disclaimer here. I got the pictures of the exhibits from this website. I wasn't sneaky enough to snap any photos myself.

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