My 29th birthday was a few weeks ago. I'm just getting around to writing about it now. Deal with it.

June 6th fell on a Saturday this year. I didn't take the day off as I had no special birthday plans, but I did take the shorter shift, just because I could. The morning was warm and bright, the kind of morning that just oozes energy and good feelings. Morgan came by around 8 to drag my lazy ass down to Quidi Vidi for a jog. He surprised me with a bouquet of orange lilies. I like flowers. They might be cliche, but who cares? They're still pretty.

Shortly into the jog, I got the worst stitch ever. Seriously, it felt like I was being stabbed with a shark. The jog quickly turned into a walk. I was disappointed, but it was still nice to just walk around the lake enjoying the sunshine and scenery. During the drive home, we heard on the radio that it was the first day of the year for the Farmer's Market. We went to check it out, and had a well rounded breakfast of samosas, mini doughnuts and waffles (nom nom nom). We topped it off with a shake from Booster Juice for desert. The sunshine actually continued all morning too, which was a pleasant surprise. June can never make up it's mind what season it wants to be.

Then I had a 4 hour shift at work, during which one of my employees started an argument with me over something trivial. It was all due to some miscommunication between us, and could have easily been avoided. It was the first time she's ever spoken to me like that, and I was really shocked and hurt by it. I know everyone has their moments, and I know some of what she was going through at the time, but her actions were totally inexcusable. She did apologize afterwards for speaking to me in that manner, and admitted she was out of line. I'm happy with the fact that I kept calm and didn't let the situation escalate, but I'm not so thrilled with the way it affected me. I'm still upset actually. It was almost like the last nail in the coffin for this job.

Before I went home, I stopped by Wild Things to see Jess, who invited me to a fire on Topsail Beach later that evening with some friends of hers. That turned out to be fun. When Scott and Noleen called to wish me a happy birthday, I invited them along as well. There were quite a few people there, and I did end up becoming quiet and insecure towards the end. Sometimes crowds still get to me. I was feeling shitty from the confrontation at work too, so that contributed to it. I really just wanted to go home, but I was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Metrobus doesn't have a route out to the middle of nowhere. Scott and Noleen finally left around 12, so I got a ride with them. I tried to write a bit when I got settled in, but nothing worthwhile came out of it. No epiphanies or anecdotes. Not even closure really. I guess I'm finally getting around to that part of it now.

So there you go, birthday number 29. Next year it's the big 3-0. I wonder if I'll start to feel my age by then? I certainly hope not!

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