mo' molekine, mo' problems

It's high time I posted my entry for the Moleskine contest that I've been nattering on about in the past few posts. I didn't follow this exactly, but I followed as best I could. Never did find the book darts either. Those things are awesome.

My name is Leah, and I am a list-aholic! Not only do my to-do lists never end, they seem to grow exponentially. I keep lists of movies, music and books to explore, dreams and goals, random things to Google, groceries I need, tattoo ideas and anything else I can think of. Basically, everything from the mundane to the whimsical. I need some way of keeping things organized, while at the same time allowing for some creative freedom.

For my project I'll be using the classic large ruled moleskine. In the front of the book will be pages dedicated to a monthly agenda system. I don't require much space per day in an agenda, so two open pages per month should suffice. The left hand page will have a calender drawn onto it, in order to keep track of appointments, events and what not. If I do happen to require extra space for a certain day, I'll use a post-it note. The right hand page will have pockets attached, using CLEAR plastic. I can then see the items at a glance. I'll not only be able to utilize the pockets for storage, but also insert pages (index cards) for further jot notes, and reminders to myself.

My moleskine will mainly be dedicated to notetaking. There will be catagories separated by book darts, which are more durable than sticky tab dividers. My personal catagories may include things such as Real Life (grocery lists, appointments to make), See/Hear/Do (lists of books, movie and music to check out) Random Thoughts (things to Google, quotes), Creative Juice (crafts, writing and interior design ideas), Short Term Goals (jogging, enter Moleskine contest), and Dreams (long term goals, bucket list, wish lists). The clear pockets will also be used in each of my note taking sections. For example, in Real Life I can use the pockets to store things like receipts and coupons. These will also be useful for inserting any jot notes I make on scraps of paper if i'm caught wthout my moleskine, business cards, travel brochures, newspaper clippings, etc. Because of the usefulness, I'll have a few pages in each section dedicated to the pockets, and they will be of varying sizes.

In the accordian pocket, I'll keep a supply of mini post-it notes, extra book darts and blank index cards.

Of course, I'll have to keep a pen attached to the book, possibly by using a simple rubber band, which would serve the duel purpose of keeping the book closed.

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