So frustrated! I've been working on my Moleskine project for the better part of this afternoon. The problem is, it doesn't look like I spent that much time on it. Towards the end of it I came up with a fantastic idea, but if I had thought of that the other night when I started working on it, my project would have been so much better!

Oh well...

It's still good, I just wish I had more time so I could redo it. It has to be mailed tomorrow though, so I can be sure it gets to Hong Kong in time. Plus, the dang books are $25. They send three new books to each participant when their entries are received, but I'll be just about breaking even as it is.

In other news...

Tonight is the premiere of Date With the Dead. I'll definitely be writing about that! For the article published in The Telegram about it, go here.

The film was great of course, and I discovered an awesome band I've been missing out on. The Satans! Fucking A.

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