My Summer Adventure on the South Side Hills; or, Was That Trail There the Whole Time?

I've checked off one more thing from my list of things I want to do this summer. Today Morgan and I hiked up to the top of the South Side Hills where the Republic of Newfoundland flag is flying. This year they've erected the flag of Labrador on the pole as well, which is pretty cool, as the Pink, White and Green is generally thought of just representing the island portion of the province. I never really thought about hiking up there until recently. The question of how the flag got up there never entered my head. Now I know that you can find your way up there via the East Coast Trail starting point at Fort Amherst.

It was amazing to see St. John's from a different viewpoint (above the fog instead of below it, lol). I kept an eye on Signal Hill across the harbour, to try to keep track of the progress we were making. The view is absolutely stunning. The fog came and completely blanketed Signal Hill at one point, and even that looked amazing. There were little wisps of fog on our hill too. We would be baking in the hot sun one minute, and then the chilly mini-fog-wisps would roll over us the next. From sweating to goosebumps in 1.5 seconds. The wind wasn't very strong, and that made the climb that much more awesome. There was enough to keep the flag flying proudly, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. When I'm uncomfortable, I whine. Keeping me comfortable keeps everyone happy.

It doesn't take as long to get up to the top as I thought it would. I think it took us about an hour to make it up there, and that included having to double back because we missed the turnoff. It's a good thing Morgan noticed that the flag was suddenly behind us, or we'd probably still be trudging through the woods. We came across a dam when we were doubling back to the flag, and Morgan had the brilliant idea to walk along the edge of it like a tightrope. He walked the edge, and I crawled along on all fours like a crab, shrieking like a moron every time I touched the water.

We rested for a bit on the top, drank some water, took in the view, made some lame jokes. I could have stayed there for hours. The next time I go, I'm going to be better prepared. I'll bring a picnic lunch, my camera, a notebook, lip gloss, maybe some Sherpas. Sherpas always come in handy. The way down was fun too. There were a couple times we'd cut across a bog or through some thick shrubs, and discovered afterwards that we were walking beside an actual trail the whole way. Eventually we found our way back onto the main trail, coming out on the path that we should have taken on the way up. There was no marker, no sign saying "Hey! Big flag this way! Over here jerks!" That might have been helpful. Rude, but helpful.

P.S. I think a zip line between the two sides of The Narrows would be loads of fun. Someone should build that. They could have it set up between Cabot Tower and the lighthouse at Fort Amherst. Awesome.

And here's the video of our adventure!


zombie comics. i call them zomics.

Here's a linktastic post about zombies in the funnies (funbies). This is just a small collection from comics I read regularly, with some cute ones that I've had bookmarked thrown in as well. If anyone happens to know of any other ones (if anyone happens to read this at all), feel free to leave the link in the comments. :)

Webcomic Zombies (webbies)

Random zombies (rambies)
That's it for now. It's late and I'm tired.


sometimes i make things

I've had a Free NFLD t-shirt from Living Planet for a few years now, long enough for a few holes to appear in random spots. I decided to modify it into a halter top, like the I Club Baby Seals one that I butchered a few years ago. I tend to wear that one over a bikini top on those really hot and humid St. John's summer days. You know the ones, those 2 days in August?

Bookbinding! I think I'd like to do some wee notebooks using the packaging from gum as covers. I didn't have any kicking around, so I filed that notion away for future reference. Today I cobbled together a practice book using a pile of papers I diverted from ending up in Robin Hood Bay. It's ok for a sketch-notebook-thing. Most of the pages are completely covered in type though, and some even have pictures of insanely happy people posing for random advertisements. I'm thinking I could use the crazy-happy pages like a scrapbook, covering them up with another piece of paper or whatever. So I guess it's more of a sketch-scribble-scrapbook-thing.

My practice knitting was boring me, so I started an actual project. It does look suspiciously like my practice knitting thing, because it's basically just row after row of basic knitting, but it will eventually grow into a scarf. It's only 20 stitches wide so it'll be a skinny scarf, just the way I like 'em. I may end up giving it to someone once it's completed, but since it's my first knitted project I'll probably keep it. Notice the fantastic Star Trek bucket I'm using for the knitting paraphernalia? It came with the junk food deal the theatre had around the time the latest Star Trek movie opened. It was so cool, I just had to waste my money on it.

I made nummy cookies too. They're called Mom's Island Treasures and are fully awesome. I ate too many. These may just be the best cookies I've ever made.

I just dropped my camera and now it doesn't want to work. Crap. Guess that's it for pictures today.


My 29th birthday was a few weeks ago. I'm just getting around to writing about it now. Deal with it.

June 6th fell on a Saturday this year. I didn't take the day off as I had no special birthday plans, but I did take the shorter shift, just because I could. The morning was warm and bright, the kind of morning that just oozes energy and good feelings. Morgan came by around 8 to drag my lazy ass down to Quidi Vidi for a jog. He surprised me with a bouquet of orange lilies. I like flowers. They might be cliche, but who cares? They're still pretty.

Shortly into the jog, I got the worst stitch ever. Seriously, it felt like I was being stabbed with a shark. The jog quickly turned into a walk. I was disappointed, but it was still nice to just walk around the lake enjoying the sunshine and scenery. During the drive home, we heard on the radio that it was the first day of the year for the Farmer's Market. We went to check it out, and had a well rounded breakfast of samosas, mini doughnuts and waffles (nom nom nom). We topped it off with a shake from Booster Juice for desert. The sunshine actually continued all morning too, which was a pleasant surprise. June can never make up it's mind what season it wants to be.

Then I had a 4 hour shift at work, during which one of my employees started an argument with me over something trivial. It was all due to some miscommunication between us, and could have easily been avoided. It was the first time she's ever spoken to me like that, and I was really shocked and hurt by it. I know everyone has their moments, and I know some of what she was going through at the time, but her actions were totally inexcusable. She did apologize afterwards for speaking to me in that manner, and admitted she was out of line. I'm happy with the fact that I kept calm and didn't let the situation escalate, but I'm not so thrilled with the way it affected me. I'm still upset actually. It was almost like the last nail in the coffin for this job.

Before I went home, I stopped by Wild Things to see Jess, who invited me to a fire on Topsail Beach later that evening with some friends of hers. That turned out to be fun. When Scott and Noleen called to wish me a happy birthday, I invited them along as well. There were quite a few people there, and I did end up becoming quiet and insecure towards the end. Sometimes crowds still get to me. I was feeling shitty from the confrontation at work too, so that contributed to it. I really just wanted to go home, but I was stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Metrobus doesn't have a route out to the middle of nowhere. Scott and Noleen finally left around 12, so I got a ride with them. I tried to write a bit when I got settled in, but nothing worthwhile came out of it. No epiphanies or anecdotes. Not even closure really. I guess I'm finally getting around to that part of it now.

So there you go, birthday number 29. Next year it's the big 3-0. I wonder if I'll start to feel my age by then? I certainly hope not!



So here's a mini update on my life. I went out home yesterday to surprise my dad for father's day, and I just got back about an hour ago. My head is spinning, possibly from all the cigarette smoke I was forced to inhale. I just caught up on all the things that happened on the interwebs in my absence, and there was an email waiting for me from the Moleskine contest lady. "Dear Leah, thanks for your submission. Your work is well received. We will review in early july and will notice you the result." Awesome. Now three brand spanking new notebooks should be on their way to me. Also, this Cyanide & Happiness comic is great.

Bedtime. I'll sort through all my jumbled brainings over the next few days and write a proper post


What's that bright thing in the sky? Where's the rain?

What did I do on my day off you ask? Let's see...
  • Enjoyed a wonderfully hot cup of coffee while I went through my usual morning routine of news updates, web comics, email and msn.
  • Started organizing some things that I've put off organizing for ages. Gathered other things together and started planning my yard sale. (Apartment sale? Sidewalk sale?)
  • Cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed.
  • Kept Jess company while she ran an errand.
  • Meandered around downtown St. John's, chatting with Jess and checking out all the pretty houses.
  • Had Turtle Cheesecake ice cream at Moo Moos' Ice Cream.
  • Found a sunny spot in Bannerman Park, led down on the warm grass, and gazed up through the tree branches into the sky. (Sounds nice, doesn't it?)
  • Made homemade hamburgers and Sweet Potato Potato Salad. (That's the actual name, not a typo, I swear.)
  • Called my Aunt Madonna and caught up on things with her and my cousin Rebecca.
Now it's time for bed.


mo' molekine, mo' problems

It's high time I posted my entry for the Moleskine contest that I've been nattering on about in the past few posts. I didn't follow this exactly, but I followed as best I could. Never did find the book darts either. Those things are awesome.

My name is Leah, and I am a list-aholic! Not only do my to-do lists never end, they seem to grow exponentially. I keep lists of movies, music and books to explore, dreams and goals, random things to Google, groceries I need, tattoo ideas and anything else I can think of. Basically, everything from the mundane to the whimsical. I need some way of keeping things organized, while at the same time allowing for some creative freedom.

For my project I'll be using the classic large ruled moleskine. In the front of the book will be pages dedicated to a monthly agenda system. I don't require much space per day in an agenda, so two open pages per month should suffice. The left hand page will have a calender drawn onto it, in order to keep track of appointments, events and what not. If I do happen to require extra space for a certain day, I'll use a post-it note. The right hand page will have pockets attached, using CLEAR plastic. I can then see the items at a glance. I'll not only be able to utilize the pockets for storage, but also insert pages (index cards) for further jot notes, and reminders to myself.

My moleskine will mainly be dedicated to notetaking. There will be catagories separated by book darts, which are more durable than sticky tab dividers. My personal catagories may include things such as Real Life (grocery lists, appointments to make), See/Hear/Do (lists of books, movie and music to check out) Random Thoughts (things to Google, quotes), Creative Juice (crafts, writing and interior design ideas), Short Term Goals (jogging, enter Moleskine contest), and Dreams (long term goals, bucket list, wish lists). The clear pockets will also be used in each of my note taking sections. For example, in Real Life I can use the pockets to store things like receipts and coupons. These will also be useful for inserting any jot notes I make on scraps of paper if i'm caught wthout my moleskine, business cards, travel brochures, newspaper clippings, etc. Because of the usefulness, I'll have a few pages in each section dedicated to the pockets, and they will be of varying sizes.

In the accordian pocket, I'll keep a supply of mini post-it notes, extra book darts and blank index cards.

Of course, I'll have to keep a pen attached to the book, possibly by using a simple rubber band, which would serve the duel purpose of keeping the book closed.


Did someone say lanes?

Date With the Dead was only about 20 minutes long, so I can't really go into too much detail. The idea was fully awesome, the dialogue was fully awesome, the acting was fully awesome, and last but not least, Andy Jones was fully awesome. Go see it. It's being shown at the Nickel Independent Film Festival on June 25, during the Late Night Horror Show. That starts at 10:00 PM, and I will definitely be in attendance. I'm hoping to check out as much of the festival as I can. I won't bother with the Festival pass, as I have to work some nights during the week. The shows are $10 each, late night showings are only $7.50. Bargain!

I feel a wee bit broken right now. It was shipment day at work, which involves lots of bending and lifting and leaning and reaching. I'm not supposed to do too much because of my back problems, but I still have to do some work. I find days like this hard. Even though I'm doing minimal physical labour, I'm doing it for 7 or 8 hours straight. I had to get groceries on the way home and tidy up the apartment a bit too, so I think it's time for a rest. I plan on spending the rest of the evening curled up with World War Z (author Max Brooks, the genius behind The Zombie Survival Guide). Even though I rationed the time I spent reading it (because it's fully awesome), I'm almost finished. Next up is a Wolverine TPB that Morgan lent me, and Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country, which I bought with the Chapters gift card that Jess gave me for my birthday.

All my posts (probably) won't have so many mundane personal details in them. I know some people are interested in the same things I am and will want to check out some of the cool stuff that I've discovered. I enjoy reading mundane personal details about other people's lives though. Most people are nosy like that, and that's what makes blogging so popular. It's a great outlet for me too. I've always loved writing, but haven't really stuck with any form of it, for varying reasons (all of which can be filed under A for Apathetic). This is also a challenge of sorts. I have a tendency to start things, get really involved, but then never follow through. I know my patterns. Any readers of this will probably notice a distinct drop in the frequency of my posts before too long. I'm ok with this. The biggest challenge will be continuing on with this after the long pause. Though, if the plans for the remainder of this year that are slowly being, um, planned, come into fruition, I will most definitely have lots and lots to blog about.



So frustrated! I've been working on my Moleskine project for the better part of this afternoon. The problem is, it doesn't look like I spent that much time on it. Towards the end of it I came up with a fantastic idea, but if I had thought of that the other night when I started working on it, my project would have been so much better!

Oh well...

It's still good, I just wish I had more time so I could redo it. It has to be mailed tomorrow though, so I can be sure it gets to Hong Kong in time. Plus, the dang books are $25. They send three new books to each participant when their entries are received, but I'll be just about breaking even as it is.

In other news...

Tonight is the premiere of Date With the Dead. I'll definitely be writing about that! For the article published in The Telegram about it, go here.

The film was great of course, and I discovered an awesome band I've been missing out on. The Satans! Fucking A.


short and sleepy

It's Saturday morning. It's raining. It's cold. Ugh.

I pipped off jogging this morning because of the rain. It started pouring right after I decided for sure, so I was lucky. I've been sneezing the last couple days, so I'm worried I might be coming down with a cold, which would be the suck. Besides not-jogging-in-the-rain, I've upped my vitamin C intake. Just in case the weather decides to start being summery, I want to be healthy. The weather forecast claims that it's not going to rain again tomorrow. We'll see. I don't trust that, because I'm off tomorrow, and it always seems to rain on my days off. I do have to spend some time inside finishing my Moleskine project though, so I can live with a little bit of rain. Just a little though. :)

I've gotten a few ideas for short stories lately. It's probably because I've been writing and planning posts semi-regularly for this blog. Ideas have taken root before in my head before, but now I'm starting to actually develop them into bigger ideas. Yay me.

So here's some random websites that I'm going to peruse later when I have more time.



moleskine 2.0 contest update

I picked up some supplies for my project at Staples today. I had forgotten just how excited I get in office supply stores. I love all the pens and notebooks and organizational stuff you can get. Actually, anything to do with organization at all makes me happy. I get lost in housewares departments too, all the different organizational systems you can get for every room in the house. I'm a total nerd for organization.


surprise birthday golf and dinosaurs

Morgan took me out for belated birthday fun tonight. We went to Glow-In-One for birthday golfings and then to Fog City for birthday nachoings, birthday beerings and birthday ice creamings.

Golf was loads of fun. I mostly sucked, but I'm blaming this on playing only half seriously. I spent most of my time putting around the holes, but I did luck into one hole-in-one! This of course made me insanely excited. There may have been some victory jumping. No balloons or streamers showered down on me though. Very disappointing! The last hole of the course is a big plastic tornado. There's a small hole in the base that you're supposed to aim for (hee hee, that's what she said), and a couple loser holes off to the side. Guess which hole my ball went into? At least there were some flashing lights for this one. Morgan actually managed to shoot the ball into the tornado, but it got stuck. No flashing lights. Nothing. Very anticlimactic. When he told the girl at the desk what happened, she said "yeah, there's a problem with that, all the balls are getting stuck in the tube. Every couple of hours we have to clean it out, but I haven't had a chance today." Oh well.

Since Fog City was right next door, that's where we went for foodies. We split a gigantic plate of nachos, enjoyed some Rickard's White, and then Morgan scammed some free birthday ice cream. I had a choice of a shot or the ice cream. I totally went for the dessert. It was Cookie Dough, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Nom nom nom. Then I got my awesome present! It's a necklace with a little silver tab that has a cut-out of a dinosaur skull in it. I'm assuming it's a T-Rex, but I haven't actually counted the teeth or anything yet (hee hee). Definitely a cool present.

We had lots of goofy fun posing for silly pictures. I played polo on a dinosaur and played pattycake with a skeleton. The whole evening was a laugh. It was fun to just hang out with a good friend and forget about all the stressful crap. There's not many people I can just be myself around, but Morgan is one of them. Thanks again Morgan! :D


crafty like a fox

You know how you stumble across random pages on the net by following a trail of links? I just found this list of "100 Ideas to Spark You Into Creative Action." I've only glanced through it, and haven't actually clicked on any of the links yet, but I'm excited by the idea. There's a void in my life, and there's so much I want to do and try and experience, but a lot of times I simply can't think of anything to do. It's like writer's block I guess. There's probably loads of lists like this out there, but just from glancing at this one I see a few things I'm excited about trying.

This blog is one creative outlet I'm exploring. I'm enjoying it so far. I didn't want to blog about just one topic. I want to actually write about my personal life. One reason for this is to have a record of my life, both good and bad. I've tried journaling before. I always got the urge to write while feeling very down and depressed, but never seemed to feel the same urge when happy. As a result, I have a written record of some very sad times in my life. Reading those old entries brings the old emotions flooding back. This is not a good thing, as depression is something I've been struggling with my whole life. I have things mostly under control now, but I have been seeing a psychologist. The sessions have been extremely helpful. She really believes that journaling is a good way to sort out your thoughts and feelings, and to understand your thought processes. I was hesitant at first, since I've never been able to stick with it before. I've tried a few suggestions she had for getting started, and this blog is the result.

I have a few other projects on the go right now as well. One I'm very excited about is my entry for the Moleskine contest. I picked up the notebook I'm going to use at Chapters today. I have a few more things I need to pick up for it, like book darts, and something to make clear pockets out of. I have to check out Staples and Michaels this week. It seemed so easy when I wrote my proposal for the contest, but now I'm wondering how to actually implement my design. I'm kind of hoping to come across some type of ready made pockets. Envelopes meant for cds and dvds might do the trick. They have a round clear window. You can get different colors too. Fun!

I've been gathering lots of different paper products, like old forms at work that would have been thrown out, junk mail envelopes and flyers. I have a few vague ideas for paper craft projects. I've seen things like notebooks and envelopes made from "junk" paper. Ripping up pieces and making new sheets of paper is something else that's totally doable. I have a Gocco printing press that I haven't used yet (I hang my head in shame). It's so cool, but I never thought of anything that seemed exciting enough to do. I didn't really try either. I want to somehow combine the idea of notebooks and screenprinting into something fun. I want to open up a shop on Etsy someday too, but that's a long way down the road, and a topic for another blog post.



Every Wednesday evening The Rooms has free admission. Last Wednesday Morgan and I went to check out the Republic show there. It was a really interesting and varied show, exploring our identity as a province of Canada. It's been 60 years since Confederation, by the way, so not that long ago.

Two of the most memorable pieces for me were the Danny Williams and Paul McCartney mosaic portraits by the artist Bill Rose. He used a tiny stamp of Paul to create Danny, and a tiny stamp of a dollar sign to create Paul. Also, he used seal skin as his canvas for Paul. I thought this was a really clever and satirical commentary on this bit of recent Newfoundland history. Their appearance on Larry King Live is quite amusing too.

Angela Antle created a flashing neon sign showcasing the recent publicity of our "have" or "have not" status.

Then of course we have the awesomeness that is Captain Newfoundland and Captain Canada. Their biographies and part of the first comic was showcased. I had forgotten how surreal, but hilarious (in a shake-your-head-and roll-your-eyes kind of way), it all was.

There is much more to Republic than these three exhibits. These are the just the ones that stand out in my memory now. The show runs until September 13, and I'll definitely be seeing it again.

I should probably put a disclaimer here. I got the pictures of the exhibits from this website. I wasn't sneaky enough to snap any photos myself.

a list of awesome stuff i've been up to

1. I signed up with Swurl, which is an Ultimate league. I've always wanted to play, but never had the guts to actually do anything about it.
2. I took up jogging. Partly because I need to build up my stamina for Ultimate, partly because I should be exercising anyway. I have back problems, and I want them to go away.
3. I started up this blog (again). I also signed up for NaBloPoMo. My psychologist is a big advocate of journal writing. I'm taking her advice. Again, writing is always something I've wanted to do, but never actually did anything about. Fuck that apathetic noise.
4. My entry was selected for this Moleskine contest. I am completely stoked about this. I have a notebook fetish. I love buying them, I love lists, and I love organization. I can't wait to buy my new Moleskine so I can actually start my project.
5. Massage therapy is awesome, even if I'm only doing it because of my back problems.

So that's 5 awesome things. Not bad. :)

Oh yeah, today is my birthday, and I've had an awesome (mostly) day so far, and it's not over yet. More on the awesomeness later.


A Post About Zombies

So, my friend Morgan plans on making a web series that centers around zombies. I won't reveal any plot points that I know of though, I don't want to ruin it for anyone. I have no idea when filming begins, let alone when it will be released. I do know that I will be involved as, of course, a zombie. I think he knows that if he didn't include me, I'd never speak to him again. :D

He's found a sound guy, but there's still lots of volunteer opportunities (yep, volunteer). What you see in his YouTube update video is basically all I know regarding the production, but there will be lots of roles to fill. It shouldn't be hard to find zombie guys, but he needs a make-up guy in order to make the zombie guys.

Morgan's YouTube Channel.



It certainly has been awhile. My life has changed so much. Is this the same for everyone, changing all the time? I've had two elements remain constant the past year though, my home and my job. I want to move, but nothing worth moving for has appeared yet. My job is ok, but not ideal. With the back problems I've been having, I know I won't be able to keep it for very long either. Being back at Wicker has been good, just the usual "I hate retail" problems. Manager of this place isn't so bad, most of the time. I guess. :P

Massage therapy this morning. Awesome.