Mountain Climbing in St. John's

I guess I've lived here long enough to take the lack of sidewalk clearing for granted. It's a given that after every snowstorm I'll have to squeeze into my lederhosen and call over my Sherpa buddies for the journey down to Water Street to catch the bus. Which will be late. Unless I'm late. Then it will be early. I think the Sherpas call ahead to give Metrobus a heads up. Damned Sherpas.

I can't imagine how pedestrians from other cities can put up with using the sidewalks the whole year long! Where's the fun in that? Using the same boring route all the time, secure in the knowledge that, yes, there will be no surprises on the way to work in the morning. I for one, welcome the mountainous snowdrifts that replace St. John's sidewalks every winter. I not only get my exercise, I'm faced with a different challenge every day. Would it be better to crawl up the steep part of the snowdrift on all fours, or walk the extra 50 feet in the middle of the road...between the two lanes of traffic?

I suspect we must have just the one lone snowplow, piloted by a Hans Moleman-esque character sitting on phonebooks so he can see out through the windshield in order to make sure he blocks in every single driveway.

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