The Holiday of 1000 Eyes...

There is an apartment not too far from here which displays enough decorations in it's lone window to fill an entire house worth of windows. You can always count on this window to announce the impending holiday, whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween...whatever! And if there's no upcoming holiday? Cats! Lots and lots of cats. There is one stuffed kitty toy that actually gets dressed up for the holidays, with little clothes and accessories. There's always strings of colored lights, and dollar store toys, and window clings, and any other little thing that can fit in this window. I imagine the owner to be a sweet little old lady living on her own. I doubt she has any real kitties, or I'd see them in the window. Maybe if she had real kitties I'd see them dressed up in the window!

Anyway, I had an errand to run after work today (Yay! My Gocco printer arrived in the mail!), and my walk home brought me past this window. I could see the string of red lights glinting in the window up ahead, so i slowed down a bit to get a better look. There is no separation between the sidewalk and the side of the house (it being in downtown St. John's) so I couldn't stop altogether, just in case somebody caught me snooping. I could only glimpse the majesty of the Valentine's Day celebration/orgy taking place, but beyond the window covered in knickknacks, I saw a mini red Chistmasy-type tree, more red lights, more knickknacks and - get this - about 6 generations worth of stuffed dolls and toys piled on top of two couches! Eek!

Now I'm not really sure if I want to find out more about this place or not. I am sure however, that there is definite movie potential here. And that I forgot to send out my Valentine's. Dang.

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