8 Lives left?

Nightcrawler gave me a huge scare tonight. I had the ironing board set up in front of the TV so it wouldn't be such a mind numbing chore. Just as I was setting the iron down, the little imp jumped up and attacked it! It looked like he actually made contact with the hot surface with not only his soft little paws but his face! I moved to push him down and pull the iron away, but as he was falling back, the iron started to fall down after him. I managed to grab the cord and stop it from falling on top of him, and this made the iron swing around splashing water all over the place. Of course, Nightcrawler had ran away and I was convinced he was burned. I was shaking and scared and I didn't know what damage had actually been done. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt at all and he didn't even seem scared. I checked every whisker and toe, and then I hugged him and reprimanded him for being heedless. I'm positive he could understand every word and that he wasn't listening one little bit. He's been his usual naughty self ever since, ignoring me as I make angry hissing noises and squirt water at him. I love my little wormy! :D

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